Music exams are available through AMEB, ANZCA, AGMS , ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall Examinations (Australia) in a range of musical styles from classical to rock, whether it be piano or electric guitar. Exams encourage children to strive a bit harder, take their music to a higher level and then receive an enormous confidence boost and sense of achievement from their lessons. Exams also provide a sense of progress and include important technical work that might otherwise not receive enough attention during lessons. Music students who have taken exams also benefit when asked to speak in public and in sitting school exams. An exam also allows the student to play in front of an eminent expert who gives an independent assessment of their achievement.
ABRSM - Associated Board of the Royal School of Music
ABRSM is the world's leading provider of graded music exams and assessments. We are trusted and respected by teachers and students around the world. In all our activities ABRSM aims to motivate and encourage pupils and students at all levels. ABRSM aims to promote musical enjoyment and development through achievement and to foster and enhance quality in music teaching and learning. ABRSM is committed to educational excellence, quality and innovation in music education and to meeting the needs of music educators and their students worldwide. Click here to find out more about ABRSM.
AMEB - Australian Music Examinations Board
The Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) is a privately funded corporation which assesses music, speech, and drama in Australia. The organisation had its beginnings at the Universities of Melbourne and Adelaide in 1887; the organisation now has a Federal Office in Melbourne, and offices in each state. In collaboration with teachers, parents and students, the AMEB syllabus writers create and publish syllabuses for educational purposes. Music syllabuses are available for most instruments found in the symphony orchestra and can be used for solo performances in concertos and examinations. Syllabuses are available for these instruments (note that the syllabuses change each year, with difficulties fluctuating). Click here to find out more about AMEB.
AGMS - Australian Guild of Music Education
The AGMS was founded in 1969 as a continuation of the London Guild of Music and Speech (Australia). It is non-profit, Public Education Institution, constituted to provide professional and private Teachers and Students of Music and Speech (including Drama) with a responsive organization through a comprehensive set of syllabi throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, and China with examinations which recognize excellence in the selected study, as well as providing supportive encouragement for teachers and all music and speech students and candidates. Click here to find out more about AGMS.
ANZCA - Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts
Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Limited (ANZCA) offer syllabuses and both practical and written examinations in modern and classical streams, which stimulate students of all ages. For over twenty-three years, examinations have been conducted throughout Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Click here to find out more about AGMS.
Trinity Guildhall Examinations (Australia)
Trinity College London provides respected international qualifications across a range of disciplines in the performing and creative arts, and in English language learning and teaching. Trinity has been conducting exams since 1877, and our assessments are now taken in over 60 countries each year. Click here to find out more about AGMS.
As part of our committment to excellence in music, Starlight Music provide lessons for the music examination process. Most exams require at least 6-9 months preparation with the upper grades needing even more time. If you would like any further information, please send us an email at: