Welcome to the world of the Stalight Music. A happy place filled with the sounds of music. Where notes flow together harmoniously, but the most beautiful sound of all is the laughter and pure joy of your learning music and adding a new dimension to your life. Where music becomes a natural part of your life through a deeply satisfying and delightful learning experience. It’s a world where your natural musical ability will be encouraged and enhanced through the Stalight Music’s unique patented approach to musical education.
Our Approach is Unique: The Stalight Music approach is based on the philosophy that learning to play an instrument should be fun – without giving up the traditional fundamentals. We pride ourselves on the high standards we keep, while providing a music education in a warm, supportive, yet disciplined environment.

Our Teachers: There is a great deal of creativity and caring that takes place at Starlight Music under the inspired guidance of a remarkable staff of experiences performers and teachers. Our teachers are passionately committed to providing highest quality music education. Our outstanding teachers bring warmth, energy, enthusiasm and patience in working with young children and adults. Each teacher holds a degree in music education, and is highly experienced in the art of teaching.
We' ve reinvented the music lessons for kids:
Remember the days when music lessons were not much fun? When parents had to force their children to practice and piano lessons were considered a boring, but necessary compliment to a child’s education?
At the Stalight Music, music lessons are FUN! We’ve created a music lesson kids actually look forward to! The dynamic Stalight Music system has shaped together a carefully balanced program that will stimulate every aspect of your child’s musical development to achieve his or her personal best.